Al Perkins

Lap steel guitar resurgence?

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If the recent ukulele craze has abated a little we could ask what is next? Twelve-string guitars? Double-necks? Nah! They are too heavy, too hard to play or too expensive. I think what is attractive to those wanting to try an instrument is size, cost and relative ease of producing something like music out of the thing. Let’s face it guitars are hard to play, keep in tune and they can be expensive for a beginner.

Al Perkins records with Diesel Therapy

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Al Perkins, he of the "Flying Burrito Brothers" and many more seminal Country Rock bands, has given us the ultimate compliment by playing on four of our tracks destined for the new Diesel Therapy CD.

Danny performing with Al Perkins 8th July

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Danny is playing with Al Perkins (Flying Burrito Brothers, Emmylou Harris) on Thursday 9th July at Porters,Tynemouth. Tickets £9. Al is really cool, we've seen him!

"I'm on holiday so I will miss it! Danny is probably the only guitarist I would want in the 'Diesels' ... Go see him play!" Jim