Diesel Therapy @ Durham Gala Theatre 23rd February 2007

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Mention the name Jim Hornsby in North-East music circles and not many will recognise his contribution to the musical world. Over the years Jim has provided some brilliant instrumentation behind lead singers across the spectrum, but now he is letting the other side of his talent shine through as composer and leader of this new outfit.
Complimented by Danny Holmes (guitars), Sean Taylor (bass) and Eric Green (drums) the four-piece has produced a new CD containing 12 original songs and instrumentals. All are written or co-written by Jim and Danny and relate to past memories, following your dreams, and thoughts on life. The album takes on a journey of old time bluegrass, western swing, ragtime, country and a mix of Dire Straits styling thrown in for good measure.
The instrumentation is one of the best overall sounds I’ve heard from a British outfit for many a year. The twin guitar work between Jim and Danny is impeccable and the overall output of the band a variance of light and shade. Having heard them at the Durham Gala Theatre and on disc, I know they are a musician's treat.
Treat yourself at dieseltherapy.co.uk or from the band at one of its gigs.

Diesel Therapy Gala Theatre Friday, 23 February, 2007 - 20:00 Brian Clough The Northern Echo The Northern Echo