Diesel Therapy @ Rothbury Roots 14/9/2006

by DT Admin on in Review

Diesel Therapy’s web-site states that “the band want you to have a great night out”. Boy, do they deliver! Diesel Therapy gave the Rothbury Roots audience an evening of superb playing, top class musicianship, wonderful vocals – and a good laugh to boot.
Jim Hornsby took lead vocals, and entertained the audience in between songs with tales and jokes that kept everybody laughing. But the music is serious – and seriously good. The combination of these four musicians at the very top of their game – Jim Hornsby on guitar and vocals, Danny Holmes on guitar, Sean Taylor on fretless bass and Eric “The Groovemeister” Green on drums – is second to none, and the songs, especially those self-penned, are lovingly crafted and presented.
Jim’s vocals are often likened to those of Mark Knopfler, and that is a huge compliment that Jim fully deserves. The mastery of the guitar playing from Jim and Danny, both on solos and harmonies, Sean’s rock solid bass playing, Eric’s understated but masterful drumming – all combine brilliantly.
This is a band that you have just got to see. They made their mark in Rothbury, and an audience went home talking excitedly about this amazingly talented band.
A lot of superlatives? Yes – but they are a reflection of the sheer strength of this band. Get to see them live as soon as you can, and check out their album ‘The Turf House’. It’s never off my CD player!

Diesel Therapy Rothbury Roots Thursday, 14 September, 2006 - 20:00 Kevin Roberts Rothbury Roots Rothbury Roots