The Salter's Road - Diesel Therapy (RN5CD02)

Salter's Road Cover Art
Artist: Diesel Therapy
Catalog Number: RN5CD02
Format: CD
Label: Root & Fifth Records
Year: 2012

We completed our latest project in 2012, this time with Dave Maughan producing. Not wanting to conform to any blueprint for recording, we liked the idea that Dave had worked with Kathryn Williams and The Maurice Quinlan Experience and adds a new dimension to what we do.

The second Diesel Therapy album features some of our favourite musicians: Eric Green (harmonica), John Wheeler (saxophone), Andy May (pipes), Graham Wood (keyboards) and the legendary Al Perkins on lap and pedal steel guitar. We thank them for their contribution to the tracks. For us it’s all about people who listen. These guys listen first and then play! Thanks Guys. We’re proud that you could be a part of our album.


Diesel Therapy, from NE England, released 'The Salter's Road' early in the year. I said then that I'd be fortunate to hear anything else as good in 2012 and little has matched its mature, subtle mix of country, blues and Borders romanticism. David Innes, R2 (Jan/Feb 2013)

Track Listing

Catch Your Death

When coal was king, a snapshot of the less glamorous side of the 60’s in Newcastle, paper lads and donkey jackets.

The Heel

Bluegrass workout of this zippy tune from Danny! Named after a mountain in the north west of Scotland, the guidebook warns us of false summits and not to lose heart before reaching the top.

Rules of Life

The absurdity of rules, hindsight and Al Perkins’ pedal steel guitar all on one track!

Web Of White Stone

Almost Celtic in its simplicity, one to walk The Wall with! Andy May guests on pipes and nails the mood.

Train To Ballinasloe

Moody Dobro and acoustic guitar instrumental with great atmospherics from producer Dave Maughan.

Wasted River

Jim’s take on life after death on the Tyne. Eric Green’s soulful harmonica underline the pain of progress.

Mid-Album Blues

A nod in the direction of Western Swing with this song from Danny and Jim. You might hear a bit of the Chet Atkins, Speedy West and Bob Wills influences here!

Memphis Moon

Duncan’s ‘swinging’ drums and Chris’ double bass set the mood for this slightly greasy picture of a hot afternoon on Beale Street.

The Turf House

Danny’s great tune is revisited in an acoustic setting. Dobro and mandolin to the fore.

The Salter’s Road

The title track, featuring slide and baritone guitar, is perhaps reminiscent of Ry Cooder. It recalls the long, medieval road up to Scotland from the pans on the North East Coast.

Ballad Of Billy

A song for our time, tribute acts inspired by their heroes. Duane Eddy style baritone guitar and dirty sax playing from John Wheeler.

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