Mad Dog Boogie - Diesel Therapy (BCCD011)

Mad Dog Boogie Album Cover
Artist: Diesel Therapy
Catalog Number: BCCD011
Format: CD
Label: Boomchang Records
Year: 2016

Saturday 11th June is a big day for North East band Diesel Therapy. It heralds the release of their third album ‘Mad Dog Boogie’ on the BoomChang label. Recorded by label owner Steve Cunningham and co-produced by Jim, Danny and Steve, ‘Mad Dog’ is essentially a live album. All vocals, guitars, drums, double-bass and bass guitar were recorded in one or two takes in Steve’s kitchen (home to the television music show ‘Cooking in the Kitchen’).

The band mostly play live as a four-piece but have enlisted the Liam Fender on keyboards and piano supremo Mark Deeks on a few tracks this time around. Pedal Steel virtuoso and Nashville resident Gary Carter (Marty Stuart band) adds some great moments to the title track and ‘Here’s Hoping’.

The Diesels have never ‘played to the gallery’, preferring instead to ‘slow cook’ their songs and riffy guitar workouts via rehearsals and occasional gigs. Jim’s lyrics often with a strong Northern identity but with musical references to many influential players that the band have absorbed over the years. Hence the song ‘Maxie Shares’ about a long closed music shop has a whiff of Mark Knopfler, ‘Bumper Brown’ about a long ago bass player in town suggests J.J. Cale with its lazy groove and classy riffs. Danny contributes the title track (the theme for ‘Cooking in the Kitchen’) and ‘We’re The Boys’, a wry observation of life in the North Yorkshire Dales in winter.

Diesel Therapy don’t do folk, line-dancing, blues or soul … but it’s all in there; classy songs, great playing, a sense of humour and a commitment to getting it right.