Movin' & Groovin' (If You Know What I Mean)

by DT Admin on in Duane Eddy
Fairground ride

As pit villages go, Coxlodge was fairly typical. Rows of terraced houses, two social clubs, two pubs, two schools (one Catholic, one Protestant), a chip shop, betting shop, billiard hall and a newsagents. I was a ‘paper lad’ as we were known at the latter. Also I attended primary school in Coxlodge, at St. Cuthberts, where I learned the Latin mass, that miners sons were tough and that Irish songs were popular.
To get to school I had to cross ‘Ordies’ field, a triangular shaped grassy area criss-crossed by footpaths worn by the locals heading to school, the chippy or the pub. Or (nearly forgot) the church!
This field would host an important event in my youth, one that would shape my life and still remains a vivid memory. Once a year a wagon train of showmen would arrive and erect a semi-circle of amusement stalls and rides. The main event was ‘The Waltzer’, a circular construction with cars hurtling around at speeds and transients of jaw-dropping ferocity. The Waltzer was manned by young showmen, possibly travellers, who spun the cars with faux panache and ignored the screams of the local girls as they smoked, posed and rode the beast without a hint of fear. This in itself was enough excitement for a teenager in post-war Newcastle but what really hit me hardest was the music coming from this bizarre installation. Loud, slightly distorted and like nothing I’d heard before. Combined with the smell of diesel from the generators and the glimpses of steel wheels on metal tracks underneath the cars, an indelible memory was formed.
I later discovered the music I’d heard was played by Duane Eddy and The Rebels who would go on to have ? hits in the UK from ? to ?, including Movin’ & Groovin’, Some Kinda Earthquake and Cannonball. To own a Gretsch guitar like Duane’s was a dream.
To catch that era in a song informs the Diesel Therapy track ‘Village Green with Danny Holmes’ baritone Danelectro perfectly recreating the Twangy Guitar we love so much. ‘It’s Movin & Groovin’ if you know what I mean.’ Diesel Therapy is not a tribute act. We do, however, love to make audio references to our influences. So you might hear a lick or two from a bygone age, a lyric referencing North East England in the 50’s or 60’s. Whatever we record though, for me it all started in a field in Coxlodge. A young lad quietly watching and listening. The seed was sown.
What are your earliest memories of music? What piece of music inspired you? We'd love to know.