The Gosforth Hotel - The Paperlad

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Gosforth Hotel Gig Poster

My memories of the Gosforth Hotel go back to my childhood days at our house in Fawdon. My Granddad Tommy suffered from some never discussed condition, a legacy from World War I. He couldn’t work and must have been bored to death on reflection. Any time he acquired some cash, he made a beeline for The Gosforth Hotel, The Trap at Coxlodge or ‘The Dogs’, then at the top of Hollywood Avenue.
It was my job to find and bring him back. So many a teetotal pub crawl did I enjoy!
Later The Gosforth Hotel became a well known music venue. Sting, the bass player with Last Exit (North East Jazz-rock band) played in the room upstairs, as did Southbound, a local southern-rock outfit with two lead players. One of the lead guitarists was George Lamb, blues man of great repute.
I passed The Gosforth Hotel everyday for years en route to school, work and later gigs. So it is great pleasure that we can announce that Diesel Therapy, featuring Jimmy Hornsby the Paperlad from Fawdon, will appear in the legendary upstairs room at the Gosforth Hotel on Friday 11th December.