Fairground ride

As pit villages go, Coxlodge was fairly typical. Rows of terraced houses, two social clubs, two pubs, two schools (one Catholic, one Protestant), a chip shop, betting shop, billiard hall and a newsagents. I was a ‘paper lad’ as we were known at the latter. Also I attended primary school in Coxlodge, at St. Cuthberts, where I learned the Latin mass, that miners sons were tough and that Irish songs were popular.

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You know the situation; the more that you’re in a hurry, the more those inanimate objects seem to conspire to slow your progress. Turning up late to a gig is always unsettling; having to forego a sound check, no time to get settled and set up the merchandise stand or find out the name of the sound engineer.

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BoomChang Records have released a four-track E.P. by Jim Hornsby entitled 'The Boomchang Sessions'.

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Jim Hornsby Portrait Of A Musician

Jim was recently filmed for a new documentary about his career as a professional guitarist. In it he explains how he started to play guitar, early influences including Rambling Jack Elliot and Duane Eddy, life on the road as a touring musician and how Diesel Therapy was formed.

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