Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Diesel Therapy

The Turf House: Original Dobro Instrumental and Americana UK

The Turf House: Album Reviews

…an arresting confluence of all-original country to bluegrass material (mostly written by Hornsby and fellow guitarist Danny Holmes) with some Mark Knopfler-style vocals (Listen To The Wind), chill-out instrumentals (Starting Tonight, Tomar) and excellent uptempo picking that deserves a wide audience.

Newcastle Evening Chronicle

Diesel Therapy have been described as being like musical Jack Daniels, which is pretty much spot-on, as far as three-word band descriptions go.

It sounds like it was recorded on the Delta, and a quick perusal of the sleeve reveals that it was … at Cluny Studios near the Ouseburn Delta, where the Ouseburn river meets the Tyne!

This album is an extremely laid-back, low-key slice of Americana, seemingly made to go hand-in-hand with that fine activity of sippin’ whisky as the sun goes down. Vocalist Jim Hornsby has a rich, weathered sweetness to his voice that complements the languid style of the music.

Sunday Sun

The Turf House: Album Details

The Turf House debut album from Diesel Therapy featuring 12 original alt country tracks and dobro instrumentals. The original line up (Jim Hornsby, Danny Holmes, Sean Taylor, Eric Green) are joined by Ameri-Celtic bluegrass instrumentalists Stewart Hardy and Tony Davis. Available from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

When we initially talked about making The Turf House we were in our first incarnation: Jim, Danny, Sean Taylor (bass guitar) and Eric Green (drums). We wanted the album to be an accurate representation of our music skills, a combination of guitar instrumental music and self-penned songs. Our songs had been ‘run in’ at gigs and had been well received by those that had seen us play.

The album is a mix of mellow guitar moods and our take on Celtic Bluegrass music with a Northern twist in the lyrics. Autobiographical songs in ‘World Outside’ and ‘Listen To The Wind”, a nod to Little Feat on ‘Making My Own Way Home’, Danny’s great Dobro instrumental ‘Hummingbird Sunday’.

‘So what kind of music is it?’, people would ask. Well, it is alt country (ish), uses acoustic and electric instruments (telecasters, lap steel, acoustic guitars, Dobro, bass and drums). There is 5-string banjo and some great harp playing from Eric. (If you are reading this Eric, you can come and play harmonica with us anytime!)

No! Wait! It’s not Country as in big hats and line dancing. It’s more Guy Clark, Robert Plant (Band of Joy) alt country. A bit Byrdsy maybe now, as Jim’s electric 12 string starts to show up alongside Danny’s B bender telecaster solos. Just good, honest music, well rehearsed and played with passion!

The Turf House was recorded at The Cluny studios in Newcastle. The sessions were engineered and produced by Tony Davis. A great time was had recording the tracks and we think you can feel the enthusiasm on the album.

The album title and B bender telecaster instrumental came from Danny’s annual trip to the north of Scotland to stay in just that; a turf house near Stac Pollaidh! Inspired by the surroundings and a bottle of Gentleman Jack, he always returns with a Dobro instrumental or two.

The Turf House is now available as a download from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.